Bury Me Behind the Baseboard, Moscow Rozovsky Theatre

2.5 hours
20 min

The Moscow State Theatre “At the Nikitsky Gates” – on tour
“Bury Me Behind the Baseboard” – Reminiscenses of some happy childhood
Based on the nove by Pavel SANAYEV
Director – Mark ROZOVSKY

The famous Russian drama theatre company At the Nikitsky Gates – named for one of Moscow’s oldest historical landmarks – comes to Canada this September. It will appear in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, launching Show One Productions’ 2019-20 season of the finest performances in an array of all genres. The play Bury Me Behind the Baseboard is based on the book by Pavel Sanayev who became one of the Russian Booker Prize laureates in 2011. This autobiography of a little boy who was brought up by his grandmother, a controlling despot with the best intentions in her heart but not in her actions, has gained wide popularity. It offers answers to any generation in any society about how best to love your close ones.

Info: 416-726-6992