4th Annual International Gala

Toronto Centre for the Arts, George Weston Recital Hall


“…A parade of exceptional young talents…”Toronto Star

“Moving! Magic! Exceptional!”Washington Post

Saturday, April 26, 2008, 7:00 pm

Toronto Centre for the Arts

George Weston Recital Hall

The event – featuring virtuoso players and singers ranging from age of 7 to 19. The evening is a vibrant mix of breathtaking virtuosic solos, duets, and dance and choral numbers.




Coming from the far corners of the former U.S.S.R. are five gifted artists: Arseny Aristov performing on piano, Lena Prosulupova – violin, Narek Arutuniyan – clarinet, Iosif Purits – accordion and Evgeny Skolchenkov playing the stringed folk instrument, the domra. Evgeny will be making his “encore” appereance at the Gala 2008 after his smashing performance 2 years ago in Toronto. All were winners of national and international competitions, and chosen by the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation.  

Joining them in an evening of dazzling performances are outstanding young Canadian musicians who have already won international prizes. They include nine-year-old pianist Anastasia Rizikov, winner of the 2006 Vladimir Horowitz Competition in Kiev, Ukraine; and 11-year-old violinist Julia Mirzoev, who in 2007 won the special Most Promising Performer prize in a Berlin competition. 

Special guests will be Toronto’s TC3 Choir, inspiring and energetic inner-city youth choir that blends African and Caribbean rhythms in an infectious mix of hip-hop, gospel and more, conducted by Denise Gillard.


Toronto’s Show One Productions first presented Young Stars of the Young Century in February 2005.   It was a spectacular sell-out, as were the second edition in March 2006 and the third in May 2007. Impresario Svetlana Dvoretskaia, who represents the Vladimir Spivakov Foundation in North America, expects the fourth annual Gala, on May 4, to be just as thrilling. 

“Orchestras and opera companies throughout the world are creating special programs to attract the next generation,” says Show One’s Ms. Dvoretskaia.  “We are proud to be part of this very important mission. Young Stars is a spectacular demonstration of great talent, discipline and achievement, together with a lot of humor and limitless energy.  No matter how long it may run, the audience never wants to leave! 

The Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation (www.spivakov.ru) was established in 1994 and is headed by celebrated Russian violinist and conductor Vladimir Spivakov, conductor of the famed Moscow Virtuosi and the National Philharmonic of Russia. The Foundation participates in the UNESCO project “In Support of the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence.” Since its inception, it has granted scholarships to more than 800 young talents


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