Alexander SEVASTIAN’s Memory Concert

2 hours

Dear friends,

Our beloved Alexander Sevastian, a wonderful musician and an extraordinary person, died unexpectedly on February 16, 2018, during his tour in Mexico with Quartetto Gelato.The world has lost a wonderful musician. He left behind his wife and two young children.

We are planning a concert to honour his memory and to raise money for his family. Please join us on
on April 11, at 8 pm, at the Richmond Hill Center for the Performing Arts.

Performers include

  • Peter De Sotto and Liza McLellan Quartetto Gelato,
  • Julian Milkis,
  • Sophie Milman,
  • Alexander Luminsky,
  • Gennady Grebenchuk,
  • Victor Khomenko and Alexei Severinets,
  • Inga Filippova-Williams and Yevgeniya Yasmanovich,
  • Children’s choir “Ladushki.”

All proceeds from the concert will go to Alexander Sevastian’s family.