Diana ARBENINA & Night Snipers

Mod Club Theatre
722 College St

Nochnyie Snaipery (literally “Night Snipers”) is a Russian rock group. It was founded in 1993 as an acoustic female duo of Diana Arbenina  and Svetlana Surganova . The ladies played guitar and violin respectively, sharing the vocal and songwriting duties evenly, eventually adding amplification to the band. Since its inception, the band has participated in a variety of Russian musical festivals — from underground events (such as Babye Leto and Moguchaya Kuchka), to major events (Nashestvie, MAXIDROM, Krylya), as well as touring extensively domestically and abroad. 

Night Snipers’ best known singles are Tridtsatpervaya Vesna (“31st Spring”), Rubezh (“Frontier”), Stolitsa (“Capital”), Asfalt (“Asphalt”), and Aktrisa (“Actress”). Majority of songs in the band’s repertoire are written by Arbenina and Surganova themselves, yet some borrow poetry from famous authors such as Joseph Brodsky, Anna Akhmatova, and Federico Garcia Lorca. 

In 2002 Svetlana Surganova left the band to create her own group, Surganova i Orkestr (“Surganova and Orchestra”), while Diana remained the headliner of Night Sniper

In 2005 Diana Arbenina received a prestigious Russian independent performer award “Triumph” for high achievements in literature and the arts. In that same year, Night Snipers collaborated with two very different performers – Japanese pop musician Kazufumi Miyazawa, and Russian rock group B-2. The group’s collaboration with Miyazawa, titled Simauta, has led to Snipers becoming a first Russian group to participate in Fuji Rock Festival. Another acoustic album Trigonometriya 2 was released in 2005 after the May 2005 concert at the Moscow Art Theatre, and publishing of the Japanese version of Koshika album. In the fall of 2005, Night Snipers traveled to Switzerland, kicking off what has soon become a yearly tradition of outside of Russia tours. Diana also published another book of lyrics and anti-songs Katastroficheski. In early 2006, the Koshika album was released in Russia, and the band went on tours to United States and Israel. Diana Arbenina performed in multiple memorial concerts as a solo acoustic musician, including Svoya Koleya (“Own Track”), commemorating Vladimir Vysotsky, and Memoriam Bulat Okudjava in Peredelkino. In early 2007, Night Snipers released their newest album Bonni i Klaid (“Bonnie & Clyde”), which was inspired by Western themes and includes some collaborative tracks with B-2. 

In 2010, Diana Arbenina and Night Snipers are launching a grand tour, giving performances in Russia, Israel, Ukraine, and North America. 

JUNE 6, 2010  – MOD CLUB – doors open at 7

Tickets are available at select Russian stores and online at www.russiantix.com

Regular tickets – $47.5, VIP – $65