Lyrical comedy “Ideal Witness”

2 hours 20 minutes
15 min

Ideal WitnessLyrical comedy “Ideal Witness”

The play is written by Valentin Krasnogorov. His plays were staged by such masters as Lev Dodin, Georgy Tovstonogov, Roman Viktyuk, Vladimir Andreyev.

“The ideal witness” is a story about passion, love and fidelity, about metamorphoses of our feelings, unexpected turns in life. Happiness cannot be planned, it can only happen, sometimes very unexpectedly!

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Info: 416-726-6992

Duration is 2 hours 20 minutes

Stars of the Russian theater and cinema are engaged in this performance:

  • Natasha – Yulia Takshina
  • The witness is Andrey Ilyin
  • Oleg – Ilya Glinnikov