King Lear, Satirikon Theatre

September 23, 2019April 27, 2020

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Dear Stage Russia, Show One Productions and Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts patrons.

Due to delays in completing the film ALISA, we will be replacing it with a very special presentation of Yury Butusov’s Golden Mask Award-Winning Satyricon Theatre production of KING LEAR, starring the great Konstantin Raikin in the title role.

We are working closely with Andrey Moguchiy and the Bolshoi Drama Theatre on finishing ALISA and hope to have it ready in time for next season.

Tickets purchased to ALISA screening can be used for the presentation of KING LEAR on November 11th.
We apologize for any inconvenience and, of course, look forward to watching terrific production of King Lear together with you.

Stage Russia screening series
Co-presentation with Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

King Lear

Written by William Shakespeare
Satirikon Arkady Raikin Russian State Theatre

Yury Butusov’s brilliant, award-winning staging of King Lear tells us a story in which the collapse of a family, the collapse of a country, and the collapse of an individual are all connected to each other. In Shakespeare’s classic work, Lear imagined himself to be God’s equal – and so he divided his kingdom between his daughters just to see what would happen. Featuring 4 time Golden Mask Award-winning actor Konstantin Raikin as Lear.

About the Director: Originally a graduate of a shipbuilding institute, Yury Butusov, worked in a variety of professions, including equestrian riding. In the early 90s, Butusov, at the age of 33 embarked on a career in theater, and immediately had a huge impact. His graduate work, “Waiting for Godot”, was staged in St Petersburg and called “The event of the year”. Since then, he has staged productions at the most renowned theaters in Moscow, including the Vakhtangangov Theatre, The Satirikon Theatre, The Moscow Art Theatre and the Pushkin Theatre and was artistic director at St Petersburg’s Lensoviet Theatre for 7 years. Overseas, he has directed performances in South Korea, Poland, Norway and Bulgaria and is a winner of multiple directing awards.



  • King Lear – Konstantin Raikin
  • Earl of Gloucester – Denis Sukhanov
  • Edgar – Daniil Pugayev
  • Edmund – Anton Kuznecov
  • Earl of Kent – Timofey Tribuntcev
  • Goneril – Marina Drovosekova
  • Regan – Agrippina Steklova
  • Cordelia – Maryana Spivak
  • Duke of Burgundy – Yakov Lomkin
  • Duke of Cornwall – Konstantin Tretyakov
  • Duke of Albany – Vladimir Bolshov
  • King of France – Daniil Pugayev
  • Oswald – Yakov Lomkin
  • Fool – Elena Bereznova 

Creative Team

  • Director – Yury Butusov
  • Set Design – Alexander Shishkin
  • Сhoreographer – Nikolay Reutov
  • Lighting Design – Anatoly Kuznecov
  • Sound – Sergey Lebedev
  • Assistant Director – Elvira Kekeyeva