Splean – The Best

Splean – The Best
2 hours

SPLEAN concert 2020 was cancelled and all tickets were refunded.

Please purchase new tickets for the November 26th, 2023, event in Toronto.

As you know, due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we had to postpone the SPLEAN concert. It will be rescheduled, and previously purchased tickets will be honoured for the new date. Fans are encouraged to hold on to their tickets, especially the Early Birds ones, until a new date is announced. Fans with questions regarding refunds are asked to reach out to their point of purchase and contact us through Show One Productions’ website and Social media. More information will be released as it is available.

First Time in Canada!
A legendary Russian band 
makes a long-anticipated Toronto debut
with the programme “The Best”

One of the most popular rock bands in Russia, they came together and issued their debut album in 1994. Since then, they have maintained their status as one of the most popular music acts in Russia and the former U.S.S.R. The band took their name from the word “spleen” (in the sense of “displeasure”), and they changed the spelling in English as a nod to the Beatles’ reworking of “beetles”. One of the band’s first songs took its lyrics from a short poem of Sasha Cherny, which they then set to music.

The band was established when vocalist and frontman Alexander Vasilyev was working in a theatrical organization. There, he was introduced to keyboard player Nikolay Rostovsky. The pair formed a band and started recording their album debut Polynya Byl (known as Dusty Fact in English). Following the arrival of Splean’s sophomore full-length, the group relocated to Moscow. Their increasing popularity and acclaim were galvanized by the support of Boris Grebenshchikov. Splean consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Alexander Vasilyev, guitarist Vadim Sergeyev, bass guitarist Dmitry Kunin, keyboardist Nikolay Rostovsky, and drummer Alexey Mesherekov.

Despite continual rumours that the band is on the verge of splitting up, Splean continues to play all over Russia and throughout the world. The group frequently evolves as they experiment with their sound. Today’s version of Splean is considerably different from their original sound.

In 2004, the group won international attention when their song “Be My Shadow” was featured in the soundtrack of the film Night Watch, based on the bestselling novel by Sergei Lukyanenko.

Splean was the headlining act of the Krylya Rock Festival in 2005. That same year, the band began working on a new album, which they released in February of 2007. Titled Split Personality, it featured the hit single “Tell Her”, which topped the video and song charts on MTV and the radio. The music video for the track was named Best Video at the MTV Russia Music Awards.

Over the years, Splean has experimented with various musical genres, and they have adjusted their playing approach from album to album. The band has also undergone a few small changes in their lineup. Their recent releases sound almost nothing like their ’90s material, an evolution which Vasilyev describes as “searching, searching, searching”.

Their most recent release: EP Album “Secretly”

Band’s website: https://splean.ru/

Doors open at 6:30 PM

Additional info and group tickets, please call: 416-726-6992

Tickets on RussianTix.com.