LOOKING FOR THE DANCE: The photography exhibit of Mikhail Baryshnikov

LOOKING FOR THE DANCE: The photography exhibit of Mikhail Baryshnikov
Visual Art

Known for having dominated and revolutionized the panorama of classic ballet for decades, first as a dancer and later as a choreographer, Baryshnikov has asserted himself as a polyhedral artist, expanding his talent through digital photography. Bright colors and amorphous abstract figures characterize his subjects, where the energy of dance is captured in a densely saturated snapshot, which likewise vibrates from the movement.

A series of engaging photographic portraits of dancers whom he met during extended travels between Argentina and India, the work in LOOKING FOR THE DANCE depicts the intimate essence of dance, its constant transformation and its most abstract and purest concept. The elusive vibrations and the passionate energy of those dancers is perfectly immortalized in its present state by the photographic image. 

Baryshnikov comments: 

“LOOKING FOR THE DANCE is an extension of my journey to capture dance in transformative moments—most recently within the Argentinian milongas and the South Indian Odissi styles. On my first trip to India in 2017, I travelled south to Bangalore to the magical Nrityagram Village and spent time with two of the world’s finest dancers, Surupa Sen and Bijayini Satpathy. At Nrityagram, apprentices and young girls from local villages are taught Odissi, the premiere classical Indian dance form.

While performing in Argentina, I returned several times between 2014 and 2017 to dance halls throughout Buenos Aires, following the footsteps of the tango. On these journeys, more than the shape, I am looking for emotional impact through colors, gestures, and steps of the dance and dancers.”

“I am both humbled and honoured to bring this work to Toronto, a city I care deeply about”.

More than 25 of his magical works will be available to the public.

LOOKING FOR THE DANCE will run September 18 – January 2 at the Lighthouse Artspace at 1 Yonge St in Toronto. 

Tickets are available now at www.artbylighthouse.com