Polina Osetinskaya – Piano

Polina Osetinskaya – Piano
2 hours
20 min

Polina Osetinskaya –

Baroque Music from the Greatest Movies of All Time

The sublime virtuoso pianist and human rights advocate Polina Osetinskaya returns to Toronto for her Canadian solo debut featuring music from some of the greatest films of all time. 

It’s no secret that music by Bach, Handel, Purcell, and Rameau have been prominently featured in movie soundtracks like Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather, Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, Jean-Pierrel Jeneut’s Casanova, not to mention in films by Tarkovsky, Greenaway, and Bergman. These works have become some of the most popular and enduring musical masterpieces in history.

Hear Ms. Osetinskaya, a wunderkind since the age of five, in this unique program of Baroque art house film music. Her obvious charm, vivid interpretations, and impeccable attention to musical detail will make you understand why she rose to international acclaim as a collaborator with renowned artists like violinist Maxim Vengerov, and a soloist in demand by the preeminent conductors on stage today from Carnegie Hall, to Vienna’s Musikverein, and London’s Barbican Centre.




1. Italian Concerto in F

  •   Allegro
  •   Andante
  •   Presto

(“The Talented Mr. Ripley”, 1999; dir. Anthony Minghella)

2. Chorale prelude “Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ” (“I cry to you, Lord”)

(“Solaris”, 1972; dir. Andrey Tarkovsky)

3. Toccata in E minor

  • Toccata
  • Adagio
  • Fuga

(“Fingers”, 1978; dir. James Toback)

4. Sonata No. 2 in E-flat for flute and harpsichord (attributed to Bach) 

II: Siciliano

(“Breaking the Waves”, 1996; dir. Lars von Trier)

5. Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor

(“The Godfather”, 1972; dir. Francis Ford Coppola)



1. Suite No. 4 in D minor  

III:  Sarabande

(“Barry Lyndon”, 1975; dir. Stanley Kubrick)

2. Chaconne with variations in G  

(“Autumn Sonata”, 1978; dir. Ingmar Bergman)

HENRY PURCELL (1659 -1695)

1. Ground in C minor

(“The Draftsman’s Contract”, 1982; dir. Peter Greenaway)


1. From “Pièces de Clavecin” in E minor

2. Le rappel des oiseaux (The calling of birds) 

(“4 days in France”, 2016; dir. Jerome Raybaud)

3. Tambourin (Tambourine)

The Handmaiden, 2016; dir. Park Chan-wook

4. La villageoise (The Villager)

5. From “Pièces de Clavecin” in D 

  •   Les tendres plaintes (Tender complaints)
  •   Les Niais de Sologne (The Fools of Solon) 
  •   Les Soupirs (Sighs)
  •   La Joyeuse (The Joyful)
  •   L’entretien des Muses (Conversation of the Muses)
  •   Les Cyclopes (Cyclops)

(“Casanova”, 2015; dir. Jean-Pierrel Jeneut)

Besides Toronto, Polina Osetinskaya will have concerts across the following US cities:

  • Boston
  • San Francisco
  • New York

Tickets for Toronto concert are available at rcmusic.com  Phone: (647) 226-3710

Tickets for the US concerts are available at cherryorchardfestival.org