Flowers To Gogh — Meet Katya Agasiyants!

  • By Michael 
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I’m Katya Agasisyants, the owner of Caprice Design & Decor! Last year we have introduced floral masterclasses to offer you a unique experience of flower arrangement and flower meditation. It’s a way of spending time with your friends and meeting new people, whilst acquiring a new skill and being introduced to beautiful flower varieties, textures and fragrances.

Katya Agasiyants

This year, after visiting the extraordinary exhibit of Van Gogh, where all of my senses were engaged in beauty, I realized how arranging flowers goes hand-in-hand with the overall experience. It adds yet another dimension to the experience, tapping into more senses and allows you to feel the textures and smell the fragrance of flowers. I knew right away that it would be an amazing combination!

Please join us on September 23rd for a Dutch/Van Gogh-inspired flower workshop extravaganza, coupled with Prosecco and delicious deserts. Plus there’ll be beautiful photographs of the event to make it an unforgettable evening. Can’t wait to host you! This is going to be beautiful!!

— Katya Agasiyants