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Lucas Debargue makes a distinguished solo recital debut at Carnegie Hall

Lucas Debargue makes a distinguished solo recital debut at Carnegie Hall By Edward Sava-Segal, 06 November 2022 It must be a daunting task for the Carnegie Hall programmers to select which pianists are invited to play a solo recital in the Stern Auditorium. Mainly under the “Keyboard Virtuosos” umbrella, there are fewer than 20 piano recitals […]

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Interview with Natasha Abramova / 2020-05-17

Interview in Russian Source: Radio Plus Toronto

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Drive-in art: ‘Immersive van Gogh’ exhibit will be viewable from patrons’ cars

You can use a car to safely pick up groceries, order coffee or watch a movie during the COVID-19 pandemic, so why not use one to experience art? The exhibit “Immersive van Gogh,” which had to postpone its May 1 opening in Toronto due to physical distancing requirements, is offering “drive-in” viewing in June. It’s being […]

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INTERVIEW | Pianist Lucas Debargue On His Musical Life – And His Meteoric Rise To Fame

“I never thought of music as a job,” says pianist Lucas Debargue. Job? No. Glittering career? Most certainly, for the 29-year-old French pianist who is something of a media sensation. He’s kicking off 2020 with concert dates in Toronto, Montreal, and New York City, bouncing across the Atlantic from Boston to France and Italy, and […]

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Lucas Debargue: Clearly a Pianist to Contend with

It was one of a few surprising comments. Lucas Debargue, speaking from his home in Paris, said he was not particularly disappointed by his failure to win the International Tchaikovsky Competition of 2015. He was, indeed, rather happy with his fourth-place finish – behind five other contestants, keeping in mind the ex-aequo results – regardless of the […]